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"Unemployment Compensation should be coordinated with training for employment and available jobs after 90 days of compensation".


  1.  To continue unemployment payments after 90 days, an individual must enter a training program and accept any employment offered that is within their physical capabilities.
  2. The individual training program should be run by each state as they determine how to convert the long-term unemployment compensation into a job training program and job matching program.
  3. This program will return the American workforce to the most skilled, creative, and productive in the world while providing the workers needed in critical areas for seasonal harvesting of crops and other temporary needs. The unemployed would be productive while looking for their desired employment, or while being trained for a new area.
  4. Everyone will benefit from the unemployed learning new skills.
  5. The state governors could coordinate their efforts to design each state program using the best practices of other states and adapting them to each states particular needs.
  6. Employees should be free to vote in private for whether they wanted a union to represent them. Union dues should be paid by the employees directly to the union and not be deducted from their paycheck.
  7. We live in a free society where individuals can think and chose for themselves and do not need a union to speak for them. Unions try to influence companies and government bodies to make decisions that prepetuate the union and not necessarly the long-term viability of the company.