www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis
"Safety Pays"

Each generation is responsible for exceptional stewardship of the environment of our World; and the safety of the families and businesses that we have been given authority over, or that are in the sphere of our influence.

OSHA and EPA should have the authority to marshal all Federal and Private resources to mitigate the damage from oil spills and other National disasters: Immediately - Efficiently - and Effectively.

It is amazing how "Common Sense and Wisdom" are replaced by Political and Self-Centered, Short-Term, goals of Companies and Individuals. 

Fire booms, Oil skimming rigs, Oil tankers, Oil absorbing materials, temporary collection hoses,  floating barriers, and other equipment should be maintained in four or five ports around the Country to react within several days to any oil-related disaster. The Oil Industry should pay into a Trust Fund to support these activities and train "First Responders". There is no excuse for letting the oil spill get over several miles away from the orgin of the spill.

The long-term economic profits and National welfare will always be enhanced by the proper stewardship of our environment and following the absolute best safety practices.