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BAPTIST - Congregational Rule.Circle


CATHOLICS - Priests (CEO) 

The Baptist Faith and Message supports CONGREGATIONALISM as the Church Polity for each individual Baptist Church or Entity. 

  • CHURCH MEMBERS of the autonomous local church talks to God directly through Jesus Christ, and then comes together in Monthly Church business meetings, with the other members, to RULE their local Church - "Soul Competency" and "Priesthood of the Beliver" (Hebrews 10).
  • SENIOR PASTORS are called by the local church membership to provide Spiritual Leadership - Preaching - Teaching - Pastoral Care. First Timothy 3 & Acts 6).
  • DEACONS are nominated and elected for service by the Church members as a board that represents a Microcosm of the entire Church membership. They provide a sounding board and Spiritual support for the Pastor, Committees, and other Church activities. They are Spirit-filled men with Wisdom, Honesty, Integrity, and Supporting families. (First Timothy 3 & Acts 6). 
  • COMMITTEES are elected by the Church members to Work in the various areas of the Church and for the best use of their, "Spiritual Gifts" (Romans 12, Ephesians 4, 1 Cor 12) - Bible study - Personnel - Finance - Building & Grounds - Music - Media - Drama - etc.
  • OTHER MINISTERS AND  EMPLOYEES are called by the Church members based on recommendations from special search committees, or hired based on the position and Church Bylaws and Procedure.
  • Sunday School and other Church Activities are designed and developed by various called ministers, committees, employees, and other groups in the local church. All activities are subject to review and approval by the entire Church membership body meeting in regularily scheduled business meetings.