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Email from PATRICK YOUNG, President of Vision Group, Inc. - September, 2013

“I am glad you have put all four of your books in Kindle format. I have read all of your books because I thought they could benefit me and others in many areas. I plan to gift the Kindle versions to many people going forward. Amazon makes that really easy because I can purchase the book from Amazon over the internet, and they will then send the people I gift them to the download link to their Kindle by email. The Kindle format will increase the likelihood of them reading since it will have the ‘cool’ factor of being read on an IPad or Kindle.

I often use June and you as examples of how to be both good business, Christian, & community leaders. I often cite the passage in ‘THE SYNERGISTIC LIFE STYLE’ when June & you decided at an early age to strive to set higher standards in your life and be in the top 5% in all areas of life and parenting. That book is a classic and should be mandatory reading for every college graduate starting out in life.

It was refreshing to hear someone who has the same viewpoint that I do in ‘THE GREAT COMMISSION’.

As a former Big 4 accountant myself, I have a special appreciation for SYNERGISTIC MANAGEMENT CONTROL SYSTEMS’ and have worked to implement many of your suggestions throughout the Vision Group companies and clients.

I was also thankful for your book, ‘HYPERFOCUS’ because it will provide the parents of children who struggle in school because of ADHD the ability to Coach, Encourage, and Motivate their children.

It was also great to see that we both share the same philosophy of giving back with your ‘Travis Foundation’, who you give 100% of your book proceeds to, and Vision Group’s ‘Force for Good Fund’. When I started the company almost 2 decades ago, I wanted to dedicate 5% of the profits to helping children, spreading positive Christianity and traditional conservative values, and fighting childhood hunger”.




 PATRICK YOUNG, CPA - 7/26/2010 - Hi Ronald!, I read The Synergistic Life Style and it brought back great memories of the wisdom June and you taught us in high school Sunday School. I am looking forward to reading Synergistic Management Control Systems and implementing its wisdom into my company. I plan on purchasing Hyperfocus as well. I think it is terrific that you are passing on your vast knowledge and experience through these books. Please tell the beautiful Ms. June hello and let me know if I can do anything for you or The Travis Foundation.  

HOLLY ESKEW FRYER - 12/29/2010 - Ron, you and June are great role models. I wish everyone I know or come in contact with had such fantastic and positive attitudes as you guys do. I have said for many years and still say today that "happiness" is a choice. It doesn't just fall into yout lap, Life and relationships are hard work. Some of my fondest memories have been made with you and June.

JEFF BROOKS - 2/19/2011 - Happy 72 Birthday Ron. You have always been one of my favorite people. Your Sunday School lessons that you taught while I was in the 10th grade in 1970 had a major impact on me. It was a mixture of Christian teaching, goals to set for your life, and the balance of both. Those were great days.

KENNETH FOUNTAIN - 5/26/2010 - Hey Mr. Travis... As I have gotten older and looked back at my life I realize there are a few people that made a difference on it. You and Mr. Brock definitely made that difference and gave me the confidence that I have today. Thank you for the faith you placed in me growing up and I hope that one day I can make that difference in ...someone's life. I am grateful for the opportunity to let you know. That time you spent with me, and others, is appreciated every day! I have a daughter that I try to pass along the values that you and a few others passed to me. I hope you realize the impact that you unselfishly gave to us growing up! Thank you for then and thank you for befriending me... It is indeed an honor!!!
JAMES CAMP - 2/20/2012 - " I just wanted you to know that, next to my Mom and Dad, you and Mrs. Travis had a major impact in my life when I was growing up. From all of the Sunday School lessons to just watching the love that you two share for each other and the Lord. You truly made a difference in my life. I love the Travis Family."
DR. DAVID E. POTTS - President of Judson College - 5/20/1997 - Dear Ron: Thank you for the outstanding presentation on Understanding the College's Audit. Not only do you possess a keen financial mind, but you are gifted with the ability to teach. All who were present benefitted from the instruction and dialogue...
SULYNN CRESWELL - VP for Personnel and Student Services - Judson College - 6/5/1997 - Dear Ron: The "Happily Ever After" Seminar was a tremendous success receiving outstanding reviews from participants. Your presentation was very important to the overall success of the seminar. Thank you for your willingness to share your time, expertise and insights with the participants. We are confident the Lord will use your contribution to impact the lives of the young women and young men who were involved in the seminar.  
RON BRUCE - Family Life Center Director - Gardendale First Baptist Church - 10/4/1993 - Ron & June: Thanks for the wonderful conference on financial freedom. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Pam has our notebook all compiled and we are working on all the different topical headings. This is exciting and is helping us as we plan and build for the future. Ron & June, thank you for giving of yourself so freely and also the financial cost of this ministry in wihich you give. God will surely blesss your ministry.
LANA SELLERS, CPA - President of Jefferson Capital Fund, Ltd. - 2/6/2000 - ...I would like to continue working with Travis Management Systems, LLP on the three companies my firm has invested in. Ron, I very much appreciate the advice and help you have given to me. You have been a valuable resource and your systems followed consistently by the management of each division pays in increased monthly profits. The gross profit average for my latest acquisition has improved from 28.09% as compared to an average of 34.98% after your review and the changes made...
DR. DAVID O. DYKES - Pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas - 11/27/1996 - Dear Ron: ...I was pleased to see that you have established seven clear and noble priorities as you enter this new phase of your life. I know that you will come to see that these next few years will be the most enjoyable and productive of your life. I rejoice with you to see what God is doing through you at Valleydale Baptist Church. Dr. Calvin Kelly has been keeping me up-to-date, about how you are already one of a small handful of most respected men in the church. I would certainly like to help you with some of your priorities, if you would let me... Ron, I have as much respect for you as anyone else I have encountered in ministry. I'm only a phone call away and would love to help in any way... 
JOHN J. McMAHON JR. - Chairman Of The Board - McWane, Inc. - 9/15/1996 - To Vice Presidents of McWane, Inc. - Ron Travis has advised me that he intends to retire from the company on December 31, 1996. Ron has been an invaluable member of our management team for almost 20 years. During his tenure the financial operations of the company have performed superbly. We are grateful for his many contributions to the company...
GEORGE F. MAYNARD - Senior Partner of Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C. - 11/20/1996 - ...I just heard that you plan to retire at the end of this year. This may be a little premature, but I want to tell you how very much I have enjoyed working with you through the years and that I will miss having the opportunity of doing so in the future. I understand that you have some interesting and challenging plans for the future, and I wish you success in them...