www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis

"Obamacare was a package that should never been passed. It was strickly a political ploy by the Democrats to centralize and control medical care by the Federal government. It was a volume of laws that was never vetted before the vote was taken strickly along party lines".

  1. No major change in an industry effecting every citizen should be voted on until it has been studied and vetted over several years.
  2. Tort reform is needed to allow doctors to practice without fear of frivolous lawsuits that drive up the cost of doctors and hospital's medical liability insurance and our individual costs for insurance, co-pays. and other costs.
  3. Politicians getting involved in mandating health insurance for everyone and designing the coverage, regulations, boards, and other cost drivers will result in the Federal budget deficit growing.

  4. The backlash will be political attempts to cut back on the expenses by rationing and cutting end-of-life care and other impersonal decisions.

  5. Government bureaucrats, boards, and agencies are incapable of thinking long term in any area, much less the very complicated medical area.

  6. America has the best doctors, the best medical schools, and the best hospitals in the world that have been built on top of the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and medical advances.

  7. Medical insurance should be more affordable and portable between employers and across state lines — Blue Cross worldwide would surely be more cost effective than Blue Cross Alabama, etc.

  8. Medical records should be digitized for each individual and be available to all medical providers that the patient approves. This will improve care and safety checks could be built in where different doctors are prescribing conflicting medicines. 

  9. I like group policies by employer as long as a provision is included to allow for pre-existing conditions for new employees. Employees should be allowed to remain on their previous employers insurance by paying the average cost of that insurance for a reasonable period of time — say two years. State insurance pools should also be available for employees to buy into, where employer insurance is not available.

  10. Each state should also provide hospitals in each major population area for indigent or otherwise unemployed individuals. 

  11. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), like all other bureaucratic and complex governmental agencies, should be thoroughly reviewed to provide protection for food and medical products, while streamlining the process to bring new breakthroughs to market. All of us have been touched by family members who lost their quality of life due to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, ADHD, and other ailments that should have already been conquered. 

  12. The research process should also provide breakthroughs in the attention and learning disorders that plague our youth and provide sadness for parents who want the best for their children.