www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis

{I wrote Michelle Obama a letter in January, 2009; hoping to get her attention, and use her influence on the president, before he committed to policies that could ruin his presidency and America. They did not use my suggestions??} 

     "You are the most important First Lady since Martha Washington and Abigail Adams. Both George Washington and John Adams were critical to America's independence and our Constitution. Both men would not have been successful without the love, support, and wise counsel of their wives.

      I have included a copy of a book I wrote, dedicated to my wife, who I give all of the credit for any success I have had during my 70 years, and our 47 years of marriage.

      President Barak Obama will need your love, support, and wise counsel in this turning point in America's history. I believe he has the intellectual capacity to make the wise decisions we need for the survival of America as the greatest nation in history. These decisions will need the support of both Democrats and Republicans, and the general population, if they are to have a positive and permanent effect on America's destiny.

     First, President Obama should veto any legislation for economic stimulus that does not have the support of both parties; it is just flawed from the start.

      President Obama could then tell the Country that his intentions are to reach out to both parties, representing the general population, and that:

  • The solutions have to be simple for all to understand them, and not political.
  • Everyone should file their 2008 Federal Income Tax Return as soon as possible; even if they owe no taxes.
  • The IRS will then refund 10% of those taxes immediately and across the board; including a minimum of $1,000 to everyone filing a return; regardless of whether they paid taxes. They just have to have a social secuirity number, be at least 18 years old, and file a return. This is decisive, impartial, immediate, and will stimulate consumer spending.
  • Other issues can be addressed by Congress as separate legislation addressing each area, such as environmental, energy, etc.
  • I would suspend the bailout of Corporations. Their shareholders and competitors will bring each case to a Free Market conclusion. Bankruptcy Judges can handle the most severe and critical cases.
  • Social Security should be applied to all personal earned income, without a limit. The wealthier individuals can afford to pay more into the funds. These funds should be separated permanently from the General Fund, with Bonds issued to the Social Security Fund by The General Fund, to fund the present value of future benefits earned by participants to date. The net result will be to increase the 'On Budget' Federal debt to a more realistic level, including the amount borrowed from and owed to the Social Security fund. The Bond rate could be set at a permanent 6%. The annual inflation adjustment to Social Security benefits should be frozen at 2 1/2% per year. This, along with Federal Reserve actions should keep inflation rates around 3 to 4%.

      The answers to most great questions in life are generally very simple. We human beings confuse the real porblem with our selfish ambitions, power, and human frailties. It ultimately is up to the wise counsel of the wives of great men to lead us out of the wilderness. June and I will continue to pray for your family."