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Newlywed Classes


  1. Request ten free "Synergistic Lifestyle" books from June Travis - June 10, 1961ronaldotravis@bellsouth.net. Give name of class leaders - Church sponsor - Street address to mail books to - Telephone number.
  2. Have one couple maintain an updated list of class members - Name tags - Pictures for bulletin board - Calendar of events.
  3. Have one couple maintain and review an updated prayer request sheet weekly at the beginning of each class.
  4. Let each couple plan a monthly outing for the class based on what they like to do best - Ice skating - Camping - Canoeing - Dinner in homes - Tennis - Cook outs - Lake - Baby showers - etc.
  5. Plan a girl's day out for lunch, shopping, etc.
  6. Plan a weekly bible study for men and one for women for breakfast or other times for members who want to get deeper into the bible and share together.
  7. Spend the first nine to twelve months studying marriage topics using "Synergistic Lifestyles", and/or books by James Dobson, Gary Smalley or other books for beginning couples.
  8. Rotate couples to bring light refreshments for the beginning of each class period. Cookies and orange juice, chocolate milk, coffee. Some of the ladies will want to fix sausage biscuits, sweet rolls, etc; and that is great. 
  9. Have fun, and build a support group of couples that will stay friends for life. 
  10. Commit to building a marriage that will celebrate 50 years together. Our experience is that the last 25 years are blessed in every way; including intimacy for the ladies and, yes, great sex for the guys.