www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis

"National Security is the number one responsibility of the Federal Government".   

  1. The Federal Government has the responsibility to protect the American people. Our military and security agencies should be kept strong, efficient, and effective.
  2. American should always maintain the strongest military force in the World, with the latest technology and weapons. We want peace for all nations and that only comes through strength in the hands of compassionate and loving people.
  3. The temptation is just too great for countries that hate us to expand their weapons of mass destruction and support terrorists when we appear weak as a military force to be feared.  
  4. Terrorism is the newest threat to the world because it can come from anywhere there are mad men with the resources to be trouble makers. We should be firm when dealing with terrorists and nations who harbor or support terrorist organizations. We should never negotiate with terrorists.
  5. We need to call evil what it is and stress to the world our morality, love for God and Country, and other ideals.
  6. Military men and women and their families are to be honored as heros who place themselves in harm's way for our welfare. There pay and benefits should be commensurate with their service and sacrifice.
  7. All of the agencies involved with national security should continue to develop their ability to work together and share information. Duplicate functions should be studied and eliminated wherever possible.