www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis

  1. Medicare is an insurance plan for retirees that have faithfully paid into theRon & June 2010 plan for years, and also have payments deducted from their Social Security for Advantage and Drug coverage.
  2. Medicade and other welfare receiptiants should not be covered by the medicare funds generated from payroll deductions and current deductions from retirees Social Security payments.
  3. Welfare medical coverages should come from the General Fund Budget.
  4. The Medicare plan should be self supporting by wringing out waste from the system. For example the annual Blue Advantage documents sent to members measures 2 inches thick on 1,125 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. These could easily be posted on line for all to access and read when they wanted to. Those wanting a printed copy could just print one.
  5. Co-pays should be adjusted for Medicare payments, Advantage payments, Drug coverages, etc. to insure the long-term viability of the Medicare program.
  6. Do not mix the Medicare plans for contributing adults and retirees with welfare plans for those who have not earned sufficient quarters of payments into the system, like Social Security.
  7. Welfare programs are important, within the General Budget. They should not be financed by taking money from Social Security or Medicare which are supported by a lifetime of payments into those systems by adults who have a record of positive contributions to Society.
  8. A young 25-year old individual who pays into Medicare for their 40 year working period to age 65, assuming a 6% earnings rate in the Medicare Trust Fund, will have a balance in their account at age 65 of $486,571 to fund their medical needs during their retirement years. In addition they continue to have $3,144 deducted from their Social Security payments per year to add to the Medicare Fund. Our problem is not with Medicare, it is with all of the wasted spending in the General Fund by foolish Congressmen and the Presidents.