www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis
Energy Independence


  1. This time around, we must not return to the complacency of the Fuel Saving Wind-Breakers 1980's after the gas shortage and lines to buy gas in 1979.
  2. We knew the future problems coming from dependence on foreign government decisions effecting our energy prices; and we stuck our collective heads in the sand for 25 years.
  3. We as individuals even exasperated our problems by following the herd and latest fads to drive gas-guzzling, 6,000 pound vans.
  4. Had we seriously addressed the problem after the 1979 wake-up call, we could be driving automobiles that average over 40 miles-per-gallon and, yes, even vans that would weigh under 4,000 pounds and average over 30 miles-per-gallon. We must not blow our opportunity this time around.
  5. "Drill-Baby-Drill", and drill now; and everwhere, while restricting the drilling to 50-miles offshore and with absolute environmental precautions, fines for violations, and clean-up responsibilities and reserves placed on the producers and industry.
  6. EPA should supervise testing of deep-water emergency procedures by the industry to quickly curtail oil spills under all perceived conditions. See the Web-site page, "Safety Pays". 
  7. "Alternative Sources" of energy should be supported by the Federal and State governments. They should share in the Royalties from oil and gas royalties with a portion of the revenues going into: Safety and Environmental clean-up monitoring - National and State debt reduction - Education - and Future Research. 
  8. Reducing the speed limits on Federal roads from 70 to 65 miles-per-hour to improve fuel consumption, and reduce accidents and fatalities. (The effective and enforced rate would be 75 MPH, from 80, and be plenty fast)
  9. My first efforts to reduce fuel consumption was with a 30-tractor, 45-refrigerated trailer, fleet of trucks, traveling in 26 states in 1972. We reduced our cost of fuel over 15%, while improving over-the-road safety and customer service by: Installing Wind-Breakers - Using In-House Fuel Tanks - Increasing Back-Haul Revenue, which reduced Dead-Head Miles - Monitoring Speeding and Other Safety Violations - Off-The-Road Fuel Tax Refunds (Refrigeration Units). Our 35 Teamster drivers went from last in Alabama to first for Safety while the Company experienced record profits.    "SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PAY BIG DIVIDENDS".
  10. Becoming energy independent has tremendoud potential and ramifications to: Add jobs - Lower energy costs - Support economic growth - Reduce the Federal and State budget deficits - Increase the value of the dollar - Improve national security by being less dependent on countries who do not like us.
  11. No one wants irresponsible regulations that damage our economy for future generations. We do need to use common sense, however and remove bureaucratic and silly obstacles to developing oil, coal, and gas resources in the United States.
  12. We should continue to develop wind, nuclear, hydroelectric, biofuels, and other sources of energy.

  13. I would require skimmers and other remediation equipment to be located in each major offshore drilling area. Federal response teams would be ready to supplement state efforts in the event of a catastrophic accident or act of nature. The cost of the state and federal efforts could be financed by a revenue sharing arrangement from extracting oil, gas, and other energy sources from federal lands.

  14. By unleashing our best practices, research, and new technologies in developing our natural resources, while continuing to develop alternative sources of energy, we will create many new jobs, reduce our budget deficit, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Our balance of trade will improve and America will once again become the leading economic power in the world.

  15. Exports of American oil should be taxed, with the tax going to a fund to provide for universal oil-spill clean-up skimmers and other equipment permanently located and manned at strategic locations around the United States and other friendly nations. 

  16. Excess profits over a generous, but fair, rate of return by Companies drilling in American oil reserves should be taxed 100% and placed in the emergency fund and be used for incentives for future oil and other energy development.