www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis

The Public Education Chapter in my book, "Hyperfocus" starts with the quote that:

  • "The potential for public education is unlimited when the students, teachers, counselors, and parents work as a team". 

The pieces are in place, or readily available, for most schools to raise their overall grade levels; especially for the bottom third of the class, including the students with ADHD or other attention disorders. The problem is that only about 40% of the teachers buy into the potential that is available to them, and many of the 40% who do use a Web-site page are left on their own for their Web-site layout and consistent usage.

  • Each teacher should be required to post all tests, homework, and project assignments,that will be graded, on their personal page in the school Web-site at least three days before they are due.
  • Each teacher's personal page should follow a specific format selected by the school principal. This will keep each parent from having to learn how to use up to seven different formats designed by each student's individual teachers.
  • Student grades should be posted to each teacher's grade page in the school Web-site promptly after each assignment or test is due. (Most schools with Web-sites already use a standard format for the grade pages).
  • Monthly workshops should be held for parents and students to learn how to access the Web-sites. Individual instructions should be given by counselors and volunteer parents to the parents that continue to have problems with their computer.
  • Parents should be encouraged to visit the assignment Web-page each evening to be sure their children complete their work before they are released to play. This is extremely important for children that have ADD or some other attention disorder, or who just need a reminder.
  • School counselors should work with each teacher to be sure the children who have ADD or other attention disorder are given a special reminder to take their books home and to stay on task. Other reasonable accommodations should also be explored like having early morning extra assistance classes for students needing extra time to complete a test or project. 
  • Every school should have a "0" tolerance for bullying or other disturbances by unruly students. They should be removed from the general student population immediately.
  • Teachers who do not have a passion for children and adolescents, should be encourged to discover and pursue their personal Spiritual gifts, talents, and passions.