www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis
Adolescent Girls

June 1957

  1. You are the bride of Christ until your earthly father gives you to your husband.
  2. Jesus gave his life on the cross for you to have an abundant life with your husband.
  3. Jesus asks you to remain a virgin until you get married for your very best good in life. He will forgive you for any past sins, and you can make Him a promise today that you will abstain from sex until your wedding night. 
  4. If a boy tells you that, "You will have sex with him before marriage if you love him", get rid of him. he certaintly does not love or honor you and will tell his friends that, "He scored and who with". "DON'T DO IT!" 
  5. Before you agree to date any boy, know that he can pass the test of a "Good Man". Any "No" answers to the following questions should set off an alarm.
  6. Does he follow a similar faith to yours?
  7. Is he an A/B student? If not, I can show him how to become one. Is he willing to learn with hard work and ambition? Have him read, "HYPERFOCUS", and put off dating until he pulls his grades up. It will not take long to improve his grades, if he has any potential.
  8. Does he have a family that you enjoy being around?
  9. Does he treat you like the lady you are?
  10. Does he abstain from the use of Pott, other drugs, smoking, and cursing?