www.RonTravisSr.com by Ron Travis

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb" (Psalms 139:13).

          There is no doubt in my mind that God created me just as I am and has a special place and plan for my life that is especially mine alone.

  1. God designs each one of us and wants to be involved in our lives from conception in our mother's womb until we are received by Him in Heaven.
  2. God chose to give us a free will to also reject Him when we reach the age of accountability, and He will let us go our way, including spending eternity in hell without Him.
  3. God has a special and unique plan for each of our lives that will result in Love, Joy, Peace, and an Abundant Life, with His power within us to walk with us along the way.
  4. God wants us to love Him through Jesus Christ as our Savior. 
  5. We should then love ourselves just as God designed us in our Mother's womb using attributes from our parents and grandparents. He wants us to have self confidence, a positive attitude, and a storng feeling of self-worth. 
  6. Once we love God, love ourselves, receive the Holy Spirit power when we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, the natural thing will then be to find His perfect will for our lives; which will include finding a place to serve others.  
  7. I do believe that a mother alone has the responsibility to make a life or death decision for her unborn baby when a Sonagram and other tests results in her doctor advising her that her baby will be born with such problems and disabilities that even if the baby lives, the life will be lived in severe pain and mental and emotional turmoil. I can't imagine the pressure that would place on a mother, but greatly respect the strength and wisdom that accompanies a mother's love.