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Welcome to our Web-site.
June and I will celebrate our 54th wedding anniversary on June 10, 2015. We have three grown sons, their lovely wives, and twelve grandchildren.

June attended Auburn University for two years, and then completed her degree in elementry education at the University of Alabama, after our marriage at the beginning of our Junior year. June taught in Elementary school during six of the first nine years of our marriage.

I am a Certified Public Accountant. My career includes: Three years in public accounting - Two years as an officer in the United States Army Finance Corps - Ten years as the CFO and Senior Vice President for two subsidiaries of Kane-Miller Corp. - Nineteen years as CFO and Senior Vice President of McWane, Inc. - and President of Travis Management Systems, LLP.

During the next fifteen years, June and I are looking for like-minded individuals and entities who are altrustic about saving our great Country, and fulfilling our stewardship responsibilities to America, and our grandchildren.

Our goal is to join with other experienced people, and entities, to reignite in the minds, will, emotions, and souls of our leaders the irrefutable principles that have made America successful.

No one leader or political party has all of the answers to the complex problems we face today with our economy, inflation, National debt, budget deficit, moral corruption, education system, political infighting, terriorists, rogue nations, etc. 

However, as we each seek God's guidance as individuals, and then come together in a bypartisan effort, we will not be defeated, from without or from within.    

My career has been centered on designing and implementing totally integrated management control systems to assist entities in preparing long-range plans, and achieving goals, with emphasis on honesty, integrity, and excellence in every aspect of management.

June and I have also taught classes and seminars to high-school seniors and beginning couples over the past 50 years. Our goal has been to transfer these goal-setting principles to them.

June and I contemplated how we want to spend the next fifteen years during a recent annual goal setting and planning retreat. We realized several things:

  • We have gained immense wisdom from our parents and grandparents.
  • We have learned many important life-principles during several deep valleys we have gone through.
  • My father - John Lyons - Stanley Kane - and James Ransom McWane, my four authority figures and primary employers during by working career, all allowed me the freedom to develop auditing, management control, and feedback procedures and systems for their companies. These entities were all super successful, as we developed business principles that worked; without exception, when they were followed consistently by line managers.
  • It is now time to write about the things that June and I have experienced and learned over the past 54 years together. We will continue our passion to teach teenagers, beginning couples, and students with ADHD and other learning difficulties; by teaching other leaders and partnering with other organizations.
  • Our strengths can be combined with the strengths, talents, wisdom, passions, and goals of other like-minded individuals, so that the results of our combined efforts can be greater than any of us can accomplish alone. "That is true Synergism at its best."

The best way to reach me is the Contact page of this Web-site, or my Email at RonTravisSr@ATT.net.

NOTE - My Web-site is designed to provide accurate information with regard to the subject matter covered. Please use it with the knowledge that I have retired from work as a CPA that requires a periodic peer review by the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy. I also have had no professional training in rendering psychological, counseling, or other professional advice.      Ronald O. Travis Sr., CPA.